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mercurymaplekey tagged me to out my player on shuffle and write first ten songs :3 here they are:

1. Hips don’t Lie - Shakira
2. Arrivederci Roma - Dean Martin
3. Cotton Eyed Joe - Starsound Orchestra
4. Double Bass - Gorillaz
5. A Spaceman Came Travelling - Chris Deburgh
6. Baby ain’t I good to you - Helen Merill
7. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
8. Breaking Free - High School Musical
9. Skin - Poets of the Fall
10. Tristan and Isolt - Heather Alexander


Title: Space Between

Chapter: Prologue

Rating: +K?

Genre: Romance/Drama (Always.. XD )

Summery: Starscream sent his family away. Now he has to find them again. Based off this headcanon.

Some choice music to listen to.

Space passed by, filled with bright colors of purple, red, orange, yellow and blue. Stars twinkled in the distance, providing light among the darkness.

"Are you sure?"

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